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  1. Angela Sellers Angela Sellers

    Hey Lynda, how are you and the family doing? I hope all is well. We’re fine here. I have to say, I’m very computer savvy,but I’m trying to fine more books from you. I know I started reading True but I can’t find it to finish reading. Let me know what else you have available. Thanks

  2. Hello Lynda,
    You stopped in Vancouver WA at Brewed 360, a local brew shop/coffee shop. I run the Book Brew, a book group that meets there monthly for people in their 20’s and 30’s. They were interested in your book after you visited so my library purchased a book group set and are scheduled to read it for January. Our book group will meet January 20th from 630-730pm. Is there any chance you will be in the area and would be available to join us that night? It would be great to have an author visit and speak to them about your novel.

    Thank you,
    Rachael Ries
    Vancouver Community Library

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